AG Balderas Announces Investigation and Issues Consumer Advisory on Increased Cost and Unavailability of Propane Gas

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 14, 2021
Contact: Jerri Mares (505) 321-4372

Albuquerque, NM – Today, Attorney General Hector Balderas issued the following
statement and advisory to all New Mexicans in response to reports of rising costs and
unavailability of propane gas in New Mexico, especially in Northern New Mexico.
Currently, the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General (NMOAG) is investigating
reports of increased cost and reduced availability of propane for personal use in homes.
Many rural New Mexicans rely on regular propane deliveries to heat their homes, heat
water, and cook. Without propane in colder temperatures, these New Mexicans must
often resort to burning wood for heat, using dangerous electric space heaters for warmth,
or may be forced to simply go without.
“I’ve initiated an investigation and a review of the propane industry because I’m
concerned about the safety of families during the frigid winter season,” said Attorney
General Balderas. “While we know that there are reputable propane energy providers, it’s
important to identify where the system can be improved.”
Consumers are advised that the following business practices may be against the law:
1. A propane provider offering you propane but failing to deliver the propane you
2. A propane provider failing to deliver the amount of propane you ordered; or
3. A propane provider making a false or misleading statement about the price of
propane or the price of another provider’s propane, including quoting you one
price then charging another.
The NMOAG has requested the Consumer Relations Division of the Public Regulation
Commission forward any information or complaints that they have received. If you have
experienced any of these business practices while attempting to purchase propane for
your home, please contact the NMOAG at 1-844-255-9210 or file a complaint at