Attorney General Balderas Announces $157,500 Restitution Award for Survivor of Sex Trafficking

For Immediate Release:
September 28, 2021
Contact: Matt Baca — (505) 270-7148

ALBUQUERQUE, NM—On September 21, 2021, prosecutors argued that a survivor of
human trafficking should receive compensation for the forced labor she endured at the
hands of convicted human trafficker Wallace Carson. Judge Britt Baca-Miller of the
Second Judicial District Court agreed and ordered a $157,500 restitution award for the
survivor to compensate for future medical treatment, lost wages, and other harms
suffered as a result of Carson’s criminal activity.
“Traffickers should not profit from their exploitation of the most vulnerable, and this
restitution award represents to survivors everywhere that we will fight for survivors of this
horrific crime,” said Attorney General Balderas. “Traffickers need to be brought to justice
to the fullest extent of the law because this crime is always a life sentence of trauma for
its survivors.”

In April 2016, jurors found beyond a reasonable doubt that Carson sex trafficked a child
and an adult victim, among other offenses. After his appeal, Carson was resentenced
earlier this year with the inclusion of mandatory restitution for compelling the survivors of
this crime to engage in commercial sex. Judge Baca-Miller further ordered that the
restitution amount come out of Carson’s prison fund as he serves his 48.5 year sentence
on charges related to kidnapping, human trafficking, and promotion of prostitution.
Carson’s restitution hearing was argued by Assistant Attorney General Zach Jones.

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