Attorney General Balderas Calls New Mexico’s Energy System Dysfunctional; Demands Energy Security for all New Mexicans


Contact: James Hallinan (505) 660-2216

Albuquerque, NM – Attorney General Hector Balderas today called the current New Mexico energy system dysfunctional, demanding creation of a system that actually delivers affordable clean energy, and energy security to every New Mexico family. Energy security means access, affordability and reliability for all New Mexicans.

“We have an urgent public safety and public health issue on our hands because the system is focused on representing the interests of wealthy corporations and wealthy special interests rather than looking out for all New Mexico families,” Balderas said in a press conference. “New Mexico needs a statewide energy security plan that leads the nation and includes the many families who right now can’t even afford to pay their utility bills. The current system is dysfunctional and it is embarrassing that children in New Mexico may have access to cell phones, but lack access to affordable, clean energy to cook their food. In addition, extreme heat and extreme cold threaten the survival of vulnerable New Mexicans, who cannot afford their utility bills.”

Attorney General Balderas announced three important steps to improve energy security in New Mexico:

  1. The Public Regulation Commission (PRC) should investigate the value of solar and wind distributed generation (DG).
  2. Balderas is directing the Office of Attorney General to lead in the creation of a statewide strategic energy security plan for all families in New Mexico.
  3. The Attorney General calls on all parties, stakeholders, and PNM who have been locked in a regulatory debate over the San Juan Generating Station to return to the table. The current plan is not good enough, which is why the Attorney General is calling on the parties to create a better plan that provides the most affordable, cleanest energy for all New Mexico families.

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