Attorney General Balderas Hosts Mexican Prosecutors, Investigators & Forensic Experts for Training & Interdisciplinary Exchange


Contact: James Hallinan (505) 660-2216

Albuquerque, NM – This afternoon, Attorney General Hector Balderas announced the successful completion of a weeklong training and interdisciplinary exchange for Mexican prosecutors, investigators and forensic experts hosted by the Office of the New Mexico Attorney General. Mexican and New Mexican law enforcement officials came together this week in Albuquerque to strengthen law enforcement relationships across the shared border, increase interagency communication, and receive training from the Office of the Attorney General and other New Mexico law enforcement agencies.

“Mexico and New Mexico share much more than a border, so it’s critical for us to work together to attack the most violent, dangerous offenders who seek to harm New Mexicans,” said Attorney General Hector Balderas. “Criminal enterprises do not recognize countries or borders, they only recognize opportunity for illicit profits. Late last year, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the state attorneys general from nearly every state in Mexico. Binational efforts such as these allow for the free exchange of critical information about criminal activities and increase safety for citizens on both sides of the border.”

Examples of training classes offered to the Mexican officials include: concepts in prosecutorial ethics, securing crime scenes, investigative strategies, examination of witnesses, and chain of custody. Mexican officials also visited the Albuquerque Crime Lab and observed a murder trial before Judge Alisa Hadfield in the Second Judicial District Court. The training and interdisciplinary exchange is in conjunction with the Conference of Western Attorneys General with funding provided by a U. S. State Department grant.

Please see attached for photos of this week’s training and interdisciplinary exchange.

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