Attorney General Balderas Issues a Scam Advisory Warning New Mexicans Against Serial Disabilities Lawsuits

September 10, 2020
Contact: Matt Baca — (505) 270-7148

Santa Fe, NM—Attorney General Hector Balderas today issued an advisory warning to
New Mexicans about serial lawsuit scams that target people with disabilities and harm
those communities and our justice system, and to encourage individuals with disabilities
and the disability rights community to be vigilant against these scams. Individuals who
bring serial lawsuits claim to have potential clients’ best interests at heart, but they in fact
undermine vital protections by bringing illegitimate claims for personal profit.
“No individual should take advantage of a person with a disability and undermine the very
laws that are designed to protect them,” said Attorney General Balderas. “We will always
take action to protect vulnerable New Mexicans from those who prey on them.”
The Attorney General is tasked with this protection by state law, which mandates that he
prosecute or defend the State “when, in his judgment, the interest of the state requires
such action.” NMSA 1978, Section 8-5-2(B) (1975). This duty includes the obligation to
protect the public and the justice system where attorneys or members of the public abuse
laws intended to protect the rights of people with disabilities for their own gain by filing
frivolous, serial lawsuits that harm the legitimate rights of people with disabilities to live
their lives free of discrimination.
The Office of the Attorney General offers the following guidance to anyone who is
approached by a company or an attorney who wants them to participate in a lawsuit:
• Search for the company or individual’s name into your preferred web browser and
see if they have been involved in any scam-like activity. You can even search
for phone numbers to see if other people have reported them as scams;
• Before you give up your personal information, talk to someone you trust. Con
artists want you to make decisions in a hurry. They might even threaten you.
Slow down, check out the story, do an online search, consult an expert — or just
tell a friend;
• Contact local disability rights organizations, as well as the Office of the Attorney
General if you believe that you are being scammed or if your rights have been
violated. We can assist you in ensuring the individual who has approached you
is not attempting to scam you;
• Above anything, trust your instinct and do not give your personal information to, or
become involved with, anyone who you are unfamiliar with, or who is unwilling
to prove to you the validity of their claims.
If you believe that you or someone you assist has been approached by someone to
participate in an illegitimate lawsuit, or if your rights have been violated, please contact
the Office of the Attorney General at, or by phone at 1-844-255-9210.

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