New Mexico Office of the Attorney General Joins the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force

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For Immediate Release: January 22, 2016
Contact: DUSM Ben Segotta, District of New Mexico
(505) 462-2330; cell: (505) 235-6135 (desk)

Albuquerque, NM – On January 20, 2016 five special agents for the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General, one APD officer and one Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy were sworn in as Special Deputy United States Marshals as Task Force Officers (TFO). They will be joining many law enforcement officials from throughout New Mexico actively participating in the South West Investigative Fugitive Team (SWIFT) Task Force.

“These newly deputized U.S. Marshals will be assigned to the Albuquerque and Santa Fe USMS Offices, which will greatly increase our resources as a task force in order to enhance the public safety for all communities in New Mexico.” commented U.S. Marshal Conrad E. Candelaria.

In attendance was New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas, his presence marks the significance of this partnership and the commitment to work with all law enforcement jurisdictions in New Mexico in order to hold accountable those who have committed horrific crimes in our communities. The ceremony was held at the U.S. Marshals Service office in Albuquerque and U.S. Marshal for the District of New Mexico Conrad E. Candelaria administered the Oath of Office for the Special Deputy United States Marshals.

The South West Investigative Fugitive Team (SWIFT) Task force is comprised of 55 law enforcement agencies from local, county, state, tribal and federal agencies for the specific purpose of pursuing and arresting dangerous, violent, career fugitives so that each can be brought to justice for crimes allegedly committed.

In 2015 the Marshal’s task force arrested a total of 1,367 fugitives; encompassed in those arrests were 52 homicide related arrests in 2015 alone. Since its inception in 2002, SWIFT has arrested 17,434 fugitives. Nationally the USMS and its 60 task forces arrested a total of 99,756 federal, state, and local fugitives in 2015. USMS Task Forces focus efforts on offenders with extensive criminal history, violent charges, gang offenders, and fugitives of local or national significance in an effort to reduce violence.

Attached are photos of the swearing in of Office of the Attorney General special agents.


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