Serial Target Shoplifter, Marcos Concepcion, Sentenced to Prison

Albuquerque, NM – This afternoon repeat shoplifter Marcos Concepcion was sentenced to almost two years in prison for his high-merchandise shoplifting charges that stemmed from the New Mexico Attorney General’s Organized Retail Crime Unit. Concepcion pleaded to four counts of shoplifting that he committed over a 9 month period.

Concepcion is responsible for a string of shoplifting incidents resulting in over $13,000 worth of merchandise to never be recovered by the businesses affected.

“Repeat shoplifters pose a threat to our community, and hard-working employees, not to mention the devastating impacts they have on our economy,” said New Mexico Attorney General Raúl Torrez. “Let Mr. Concepcion serve as an example to repeat shoplifters that my Office is going to pursue charges and investigate those who are part of a larger organization of crime.”

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