New Mexico Acequias / Irrigation Systems

This page will represent Acequias/ Irrigation systems and Water Laws of New Mexico.
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This web-page provides information and a list of acequias compiled by NM Department of Financial Administration and the State Acequia Commission. It is important to note, there is not an official list of acequias that are defined as Political Subdivisions.

Generally, acequias are defined as Political Subdivisions of the state, but, to have that status, they have to also meet the conditions of being an acequia or community ditch as defined in Chapter 73, Articles 2 and 3. In those statutes, to be an acequia or community ditch, there must be at least three parciantes (a member of an acequia receiving allotments of water from the acequia) who have irrigation and the acequia is required to have bylaws.

In presenting the 2022 Acequia List know that this list is compiled of acequias and irrigation organizations but it is not specific to acequias or community ditches that are Political Subdivisions. This list also includes private ditches and acequias that may be operating like an acequia but may not have bylaws. Thus, this list is a mixed bag.

The way that acequias are generally determined to be Political Subdivisions is based on whether they have bylaws. Acequias are not required by law to register or file their bylaws with any public entity. Therefore, it is a case-by-case basis. The New Mexico Acequia Association often works directly with an acequia to determine if they are a Political Subdivisions.

Additionally, not being included in this list should not be used to determine if an acequia is not a Political Subdivision. They may have simply been excluded or not identified at the time this list was developed. 

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